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Ad Baculum

Today was the first day of my War Studies class ‘Approaches to War’, which is a compulsory module which outlines strategy and military history from roughly the age of Frederick the Great to the present day (1750-now). The class began … Continue reading

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17 to 21- Looking backwards, Looking forwards.

People often ask me what I majored in College and wrote my dissertation on.  When I say Early Modern History, there is almost always a moment where they give me a blank look. This is almost certainly the curse of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Syria

“…And though your inclinations my words would be powerless, should I advise you to keep what you have, and not expose your present possessions to danger for things which are uncertain and future; yet that neither are you timely in … Continue reading

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Pre-Departure Book List

“..who passed through universities with radiant cool eyes hallucinating Arkansas and Blake-light tragedy among the scholars of war” -Ginsburg, Howl As an up-and-coming international student of war at Kings College London, I am putting together my reading list or, more … Continue reading

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