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‘Candide, who trembled like a philosopher, hid himself as well as he could during this heroic butchery.’ Voltaire, Candide, Ch. 3. When you get into a War Studies MA at King’s, you might expect to focus a lot on killing. In reality, … Continue reading

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A World of Chaos and Competition

“Without war, there would be no State”-  Heinrich von Treitschke “Only a balance of mutual fear guarantees an alliance”- Thucydides, Book 3. Hobbes gets kinda a bad rap in US public schools. In civics, his dour portrait usually hangs over … Continue reading

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Exceptionalism: A Personal Memoir

When my professor, a retired Vice Admiral in the British Navy, asked our small class what the United States of America’s justification for the 2001 Invasion of Afghanistan was to the international community, I could feel eyes were upon me. … Continue reading

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Fallujah and al Sham

The news that the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) has captured a large portion of the Sunni-dominated city of Fallujah, as well as other major strongholds in Anbar province, has come as extremely unwelcome news to those … Continue reading

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My passion for military history has root in my environs. Say what you want about DC suburbia and the Federal Government, the first puts me in close vicinity to Civil War sites that the latter keeps up extremely well. Awaking … Continue reading

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My Intention is War

Yes, my mother dead and my father disown me / What am I to do? / My mother died and my father disown me / What am I to do? / I am livin’ in this world, I ain’t got … Continue reading

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