My Intention is War

Yes, my mother dead and my father disown me / What am I to do? / My mother died and my father disown me / What am I to do? / I am livin’ in this world, I ain’t got nobody / Not a brother, sister, nor cousin, family / War and rebellion when I meet calypsonian / My intention is war.

-Lord Invader


2014. A year for growth and a year for tearing things apart. I hope this year to be more constant on the blog front. In the meantime, I’ve drawn a little inspiration from the Calypsonian Lord Invader, and will be refocusing on the question of military history and current affairs. I’ve declared my dissertation to be on the future of the National Guard in American strategy, and will be looking to keep track of developments in Syria as Geneva II gets underway (maybe). I’m also going to make a stab at learning basic Pashto or Urdu (haven’t decided which). I’ll also be making an effort to get involved in Great War centenary stuff, and share some interesting stuff I’ve come across in my studies and my relentless trawling of books, film, and the internet. 


So I’ll be returning to London with plenty to do and much to work towards. I hope it’s a great year for everyone, with some peace to balance 2013’s inherited strife. But as for me, I will personally be looking forward to coming to grips with the evil of Moloch and the Better Angels of our Nature. 

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