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The Christmas Truce

The centenary of the First World War’s beginning is also┬áthe anniversary of the semi-famous 1914 Christmas truce on the Western Front, in which, in a few sectors of the over 100 mile front between the Germans and the allied British, … Continue reading

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Why We Should Care About Enhanced Interrogation

The recently released Senate report on CIA Enhanced Interrogation Techniques has sparked an ongoing debate in popular media over what the implications and the reaction to the report should be. While the CIA stood to defend its practices and attempts … Continue reading

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The Apache Question: Tactical Draw, Strategic Victory

The news has arrived that the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will cast a definitive measure on the now year-old question of what will be done with the National Guard’s fleet of AH-64 Apache Helicopter Gunships that are scheduled … Continue reading

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