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The Wrong Side of History

“The strong condemnation that Russian has received around the world indicates the degree to which Russia is on the wrong side of history” -Barack Obama “It was only a very small elite around Yeltsin who were buying [that the collapse … Continue reading

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Putting Things in Putin’s Perspective

While the West and the star-dazzled take a break from fretting about world politics to bathe in the red-carpet elegance of the Academy Awards, we can all go into it with a very comforting thought. That thought is this:  “President Vladimir … Continue reading

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Ukraine for the Ukrainians?

With the presence of Russian military personnel in the Crimea and the vote of approval for use of force in the Russian Upper Parliament, the situation in the Ukraine is rapidly deteriorating. Perhaps in a few hours the situation may … Continue reading

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“Bad War”

The above panel of 16th century warfare, engraved by Hans Holbein the Younger, depicts what was described as Schlechten Krieg, or Bad War. Two groups of pike armed soldiers (contemporary German soldiers carried 18 to 21 foot long spears) have collided … Continue reading

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Reading: Frank Ledwidge’s Losing Small Wars

 “Ah! the Generals! they are numerous, but not good for much!” -Aristophanes, The Archanians  I’ve recently been reading Frank Ledwidge’s book Losing Small Wars: the British Military Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I had the pleasure of hearing him speak a few month’s … Continue reading

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Disaster: The Wabash River 1791

T’was November the fourth, in the year of ’91, We had a sore engagement near to Fort Jefferson St Clair was our commander, which may remembered be For there we left 900 men, in the Western territory. -“St Clair’s Defeat”, … Continue reading

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Unquiet Seas of Memory

In the East China Sea, to the north of Taiwan, there lie the islands known as the Senkaku in Japanese, the Diaoyu in Chinese. The recent focus of the world’s media are on these nearly uninhabited escarpments of rocks, lying in … Continue reading

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