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An Unnatural Peace

In Shakespeare’s Henry V, which reaches its denouement with the victory of King Hal and the English “happy few” over the mighty French Army at Agincourt (the 600th anniversary of which was celebrated only a few days ago), the final scenes … Continue reading

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Crimea: Russia’s Paramilitary Strategy and NATO’s Conundrum

With the referendum on Crimea having come and gone with a overwhelming margin for Russian Incorporation, the Ukraine Crisis has reached a definitive moment. As Russia moves for annexation, the world stands at the edge of a great dilemma. Will … Continue reading

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Putting Things in Putin’s Perspective

While the West and the star-dazzled take a break from fretting about world politics to bathe in the red-carpet elegance of the Academy Awards, we can all go into it with a very comforting thought. That thought is this:  “President Vladimir … Continue reading

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Day 2: The Warriors of the Temperate Rainforest and the Russian Little Bighorn in Alaska

“Go down to Halibut land and fight!” -A Tlingit Fisherman speaks to his hook. The Northwest Pacific Coast of North America is home to a variety of Native American tribes with a fascinating history and culture. The Haida, Tsimshian, and … Continue reading

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